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What Are Growth Sticks?

Back when my daughter was born, I bought a growth stick from this couple who were selling them in a mall in Houston. I thought it was the greatest idea! It was pink and so cute. I wasn't into crafting and making stuff back then but I loved the idea. A few years later, when I had my second child, I realized that he needed one too! I was starting to do more painting, scrapbooking and other fun things so making another one didn't seem so daunting. Sam's turned out totally cute and I realized I could make these as gifts for friends. I was doing them even before I started doing Artsy Lion, and they are still the best!

What is a growth stick? Growth sticks are a way to keep track of your child(ren) growth through the years. Most people have done this on door frames, kitchen walls, just about anything in the house. These sticks are a great way to keep track and they move with you! They are way better looking than a kitchen door frame or wall and are customized with their name. My kids were born @ 6 months apart, so we always did the measurements on their birthdays and any other fun holiday! The kids love showing them off to their friends and we would even write their heights down too!

The making of the Artsy Lion growth sticks have gone through a few transitions. I have always hand-painted them but now that I am getting great with decal sticker vinyl, I am going to incorporate some items (like the names, numbers and lines of the rulers) into the growth sticks which will make them faster and easier to make.

Thanks for checking out my Artsy Lion Growth sticks! I think they are so wonderful and cool that I am surprised every day that I am not making these full time! I would think that everyone would want one of these for their kids rooms! Oh well.. if you are interested in one, I would love to do a custom one or a variant of one I have done in the past. I am so happy to be creative!

I am currently working on 2 for one of my best friends, Susie. She is wanting a semi-truck and a princess crown! Pictures to come once I get working on them!

Ta-Ta for now! Christine

P.S. The pictures attached are from some of my very first ones to some of my latest. If I think of it, I will try and remember to take pictures of Sam's and Jade's growth sticks. They are older now and we haven't touched them in a awhile.. :)

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