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These signboard fictional location signs are an awesome piece of art and will look FABULOUS on your wall or entry way.  They are all handpainted and NO stencils are used.  These signs represent all your favorite fictional locations!  


Fictional Location signs have the option to hang from the wall on a hook (that is included) or can be free standing.  They are for indoor use.   Please pick between 8-12 fictional locations and put them in the comments secton.  They range in size from 8 inches long to 25 inches long and from 3 inches high to 6 inches high. The size of the sign depends on the font and length of the words and style of sign.   


All orders are done at the time of order and are all hand-painted with NO stencils used. Processing time could be 3-4 weeks but will probably ship before then.


Please put the names of each location in the comments.  


If you have any questions please let me know!  I have done quite a few and can send pictures!  I am happy send over mock-ups of what they may look like, if you would like.  


**Please note that the signs that are pictured are for example only. The signs will be a similar length and appearance but there will be slight variations due to the nature of the wood and distressing techniques.


**Note to buyer - Signs can be made attached to a 6ft post or they will be hanging via fishing line.  Shipping is expensive because the finished sign will be 70"tall x 28" wide, which is a strange size and difficult to deliver.  


Fictional multi-location signboard

  • All signs are made to order and will take 3-4 weeks to paint and assemble. Signs that are freestanding cost $350 to ship becuase they are very large, averaging 7ft tall by 30" wide.  

  • 221b Baker Street

    Agrabah (Alladin)

    Arendelle (Frozen)




    Bikini Bottom

    Briny Beach (Unfortunate Events)


    Camp Half Blood

    Castle Arulean

    Comics - Asgard

    Comics - Gotham City

    Comics - Metropolis

    Comics - Smallville


    Diagon Alley


    District 12

    Down the Rabbit Hole


    Forbidden Forest

    Forks (Twilight)

    Furnace Penitentary

    Gallagher Academy (Ally Carter Books)

    GoT - King's Landing

    GoT - The Wall

    GoT - Westeros

    GoT - Winterfell

    Halloween Town (Nightmare before Xmas)


    House of Night

    HP - Diagon Alley

    HP - Hogsmeade

    HP - Hogwarts

    HP - Platform 9 3/4

    Hundred Acre Wood

    Hunger Games - Capitol

    Hunger Games - District 12

    Hunger Games - Panem

    Hyrule (Zelda)

    Illea (The Selection)

    Jurassic Park

    LotR - Middle Earth

    LotR - Mordor

    LotR - The Shire

    Mad Hatter's House

    Mt. Olympus



    Oompa-Loompa Land

    Outlander - Castle Leoch

    Outlander - Craigh Na Dun

    Outlander - Lallybroch

    Pandora (Avatar)


    Percy Jackson - Camp Half-Blood

    Percy Jackson - Mt. Olympus


    Pixie Hollow

    Redwall Abbey


    Secret Garden



    Sherwood Forest

    Sleepy Hollow

    Springfield (Simpsons)

    Star Wars - Cloud City

    Star Wars - Death Star

    Star Wars - Millenium Falcon

    Star Wars – Tatooine

    Star Wars – NAboo

    Star Wars – Hoth

    Sunnydale (Buffy series)



    The Big Woods

    The Hollows

    The Matrix

    The Secret Garden

    The Universe


    Treasure Island

    Uriel (Wrinkle in Time)


    Wizard of Oz - Emerald City

    Wizard of Oz - Oz

    Wizard of Oz - Yellow Brick Road




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