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Busy month of painting

Sorry for the long delay in doing the blog, I have had multiple painting projects going on but I couldn't post anything until I got through March which had 1 bridal shower and 2 weddings. Whoo! I enjoy doing wedding stuff! It is fun to do something that will be permanently on someone's wall or top of a bookcase! I actually did 2 wedding sign boards and 1 first and last name board. While I was painting, I tried a time-lapse video! Boy are they cool! I am going to try and do them more often but I forget and it is new. Painting looks so cool when it goes fast!

The first 2 sign boards were for the same couple. She requested one for her bridal shower with bluebonnets and magnolia flowers. She is from Louisiana and her groom is from Texas so it was a perfect blend of flowers for her board. It turned out fabulous!


The second sign also encompassed the 2 states coming together. This one had a Texas shape and a Louisiana shape states on the board. I painted them with some great representations from each state. Texas, representing the groom, had some boots, bluebonnets, cactus, red poppies and the flag. Louisiana, representing the bride, had magnolias, a Mardi Gras mask and beads, a pelican, a Cyprus tree and the fleur-de-lis.


Last but not least, I painted a sign for one of my daughters best friends who got married this past weekend. These are great signs for anybody as a wedding gift or Christmas gift and are totally customizable. Tessa and Jeff's wedding colors were a biscotti and maroon. It was fun to make them a custom sign! Enjoy the video, I see now that I am posting that I forgot to take a finished picture.. oh well!

Have a great day! Christine

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