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Kitchen table re-do - February 2021

Finally posting pictures of the finished transformation of our kitchen table! We decided to cut down our kitchen table from a counter height to a regular table height and we got some new (to us) chairs, which we LOVE! It was a fun, crazy, project and we just adore the finished project!

I was a bit daunting to get started on this big change but we knew that we wanted a lower table. I have been looking online for a new table that fit what I wanted but it is really hard to find a square table that seats 8, which is exactly what we have. So, as my husband says, if we hate the redesigned table we can always buy a new one, so why not?

Here is a picture of the table before! I forgot to take a picture before hand so it is fun to find a past picture with all these beautiful faces. Sending love to our family in Canada that our pictured here - Miss you guys! XOXO

It was hard to start but I cut down the legs first then moved on to sanding them and then the table.

Next, I taped it all off for priming and painting. I did most of this with spray paint, which made it really easy to get started. Spray paint is so nice to work with because there aren't any paintbrush lines. One thing that was really nice about starting this project is that I had a lazy susan that I could practice on before I did the whole table. I love green and I wanted to incorporate it into my table, so I painted the legs with a teal like color. For the lazy susan, I also incorporated the same green color into it. It turned out GREAT! Was so fun to see the finished product! We did decide that the lazy susan was a bit darker than we wanted for the table, so I downplayed the colors and did mostly white for the table top.

What was fun about this table was making it look like wood planks. I want to send out a thank you to where I learned how to do this: I used a paint brush instead of a rag to paint the lines but it had the same effect. What an awesome transformation!! I especially love the lines that made the planks pop and it was all done by paint and tape. Pictured below is the table before I painted the planks, painting the lines with the tape, and the finished product. Oh, can't forget the picture of me and my boo-boo. A table leg fell on my face while I was sanding.. It healed just fine but did look atrocious for about a week. We love our new chairs too! They are fun because they have an 80's feel with the fabric and the style. Overall, it turned out GREAT and it is so fun to have a lower table with new chairs!

Thanks for checking out my blog! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Have a awesome wonderful day!!


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